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A castle appeared above the top of the Kunlun Mountains. People are talking about it. The Jadeon faction was the first to decide to go there and investigate.

Ancient Land with mysterious Royal City's Sky castle is a place outside all worlds, and reaches between Mortal and Divine realms. You cannot autoroute while in this area. You can use your Skyblade, but many locations are above the altitude limit for skyblades.

If you are level 120 and above, Koin in Kunlun Mountains will teleport you here for five gold. Athan characters appear in Sacan Castle, Human characters appear at Dragonhead Mount.

Upon reaching Ancient Land you receive a 24 hour timed charm (it disappears when logging out or disconnecting from server). The charm allows you to stay in the Ancient Land. When the charm expires or is no longer in your bag, you will be teleported back out of the zone. If you manage to leave the zone and still have your charm, it will cost another five gold to get back in.

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  • Fuxi Shrine
  • Sparkle Palace
  • Shenwu Pool
  • Sunlight Palace
  • Sacan Castle
  • Royal City (west)
  • Royal City (east)
  • Bitter Sea (north)
  • Bitter Sea (south)
  • Rainbow Bridge
  • Dragon Raft
  • Welkin Cottage
  • Cloudride Platform
  • Starview Cave
  • Ancient Land
  • Bloodmaple Ridge
  • Lotus Cove
  • Mian Pool
  • Dragonhead Mount
  • Flower Valley

Connecting Regions:


The Ancient Land is unique in that, in addition to monsters, there are also roaming NPCs that are aligned with either the Humans or the Athans, and will attack the other race on sight. They move around Ancient Land, attacking or retreating in turns. It's best to avoid meeting opposing faction forces.

Human Faction
NPC Name Level Location
Bow Archer Dragonhead Mount
Cavalry Dragonhead Mount
Doom Challenger Blademaster Dragonhead Mount

Athan Faction
Monster Name Level Location
Dragon Guard Sacan Castle
Skycity General Celan General Sacan Castle
Torturer Sacan Castle

Monster Name Level Location
Flood Smasher Mian Pool area
Scaling Dragon Water-sunk areas of Dragonhead Mount, central area of Bloodmaple Ridge (around "Ancient Land" description on map) and Flower Valley.
Redlotus Fire West part of Bloodmaple Ridge (where it's labeled Bloodmaple on the map)
Frantal Lizard Flooded areas below Welkin Cottage
Illusion Wickar Around the Sacan Castle
Cursing Ghostslave Around Sparkle Palace, Shenwu Pool and Sunlight Palace
Hercul Powerman Royal City areas below Sacan Castle, west and east side of Rainbow Bridge
Qin Swordsman East side of floating "bridge" from Welkin Cottage to Starview Cave
Ken Swordsman West side of floating "bridge" from Welkin Cottage to Cloudride Platform

NPC List

Name Location Coordinates Notes
Beji Ancient Land 467, -373
Dohn Ancient Land 469, -387
Fonik Dragon Raft 0, -3
Haju Ancient Land -245, -111
Hebon Royal City 307, 403 Part of Holy City Bandits Career Quest
Huja Royal City 195, 39
Hunei Dragon Raft -1, -8
Jaklo Dragonhead Mount 16, -807 Part of Ascended Chi Quests (Human).
Jing Bo Shenwu Pool -16, 667
Kihon Ancient Land 127, -861
Miubo Sunlight Palace 394, 674
Miuqi Ancient Land 467, -379
Nuo Er Sacan Castle 19, 475
Panii Sacan Castle 12, 332
Qeidu Bitter Sea 45, -172
Skylord Basir Royal City (west) -222,248 Teleporter
Skylord Famia Lotus Cove 331,-539 Teleporter
Skylord Merra Dragonhead Mount -26,-811 Teleporter
Skylord Musie Cloudride Platform -187,-262 Teleporter
Skylord Ronie Bitter Sea (south) 50,-183 Teleporter
Skylord Uziel Shenwu Pool 23,603 Teleporter
Skylord Yarin Ancient Land 285,-242 Teleporter
Skylord Zerrin Sacan Castle (under the castle) -12,321 Teleporter
Sonun Sunlight Palace 379, 670
Tanso Sparkle Palace -326, 663
Watio Sunlight Palace 395, 678
Wanyoo - Ancient Fighter Bitter Sea 45, -140 Part of Ascended Chi Quests (Athan)
Wirut Lotus Cove 372, -529
Wu Kaitian Shenwu Pool -49, 697
Xiang Cheng Ancient Land -158, -384
Xusyn Ancient Land 326, -747
Yakae Dragon Raft 3, -6
Yalou Flower Valley 355, -865
Yanfo Royal City 295, 397
Yiiza Royal City 261, 401
Yuan Fuxi Shrine 23, 902
Yuer Celestial City -121, 90
Yunsen Royal City 223, 338
Zoya - Athan Priest Shenwu Pool 26, 619 Ascended Chi trader for Athans