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Incense Mage/Forta/Voida materials

Crafting is unlocked by completing a level 31 quest that automatically appears in the quest log upon reaching the proper level. Craftsman Tamasi in Sunstream City will instruct you to bring her 5 Copper Blocks. Upon completing the quest, you will be awarded with the "Craftsman" title, and you can then press the "O" key to open the crafting interface.

The crafting system enables players to create their own gear rather than purchasing it from NPC vendors. Gear is crafted out of a variety of crafting materials, which can be acquired by killing monsters, trading with other players, or vendors.

From level 45 onwards, it's expensive to purchase gears from NPC vendors. Therefore, crafting is a much cheaper way to acquire the gear you need.

Crafting recipes are grouped into levels that roughly correspond to the zone in which the player is expected to be using the gear. The armor are also gender-based, which means you need male-specific recipes for male characters and female-specific ones for female characters. Gear is also broken up by Faction.

Special Recipes for Celestial grade gear also drop from various bosses. Those, rather then common materials, require regular armor of same level and special items (also boss-drop, or won in Fishing Mastery Event ) to complete.

Other craftable items then Gear are also Faction Charms and Esper Mediums

Each recipe requires specific Crafting Level to be learned. Crafting each item gives proficiency required to level up. For more information on Proficiency and crafting levels check Basic Gear Recipes article.


Basic Gear Recipes

For a list of crafting recipes for basic gear, see the Basic Gear Recipes page. Level 15, 30 and 45 recipes are sold by Craftsmen in all major cities. All basic gear recipes can be found off of monsters of the appropriate level.

All recipes for Basic gear follow the following pattern:

Gear Level Base Added Supplement Faction
15 Lv15 Base x5 None Lv15 Supplement x5 Lv15 Faction x1
30 Lv30 Base x5 None Lv30 Supplement x5 Lv30 Faction x1
45 Lv30 Base x5 Lv15 Added x5 Lv45 Supplement x5 Lv45 Faction x1
60 Lv60 Base x5 Lv30 Added x5 Lv60 Supplement x5 Lv60 Faction x1
75 Lv60 Base x5 Lv15 Added x10 Lv75 Supplement x5 Lv75 Faction x1
90 Lv90 Base x5 Lv30 Added x10 Lv90 Supplement x5 Lv90 Faction x1
105 Lv90 Base x5 Lv15 Added x5 Lv105 Supplement x5 Lv105 Faction x1
120 Lv120 Base x5 Lv15 Added x5 Lv120 Supplement x5 Lv120 Faction x1
135 Lv120 Base x5 Lv15 Added x5 Lv135 Supplement x5 Lv135 Faction x1
142-148 Lv120 Base x5 Lv15 Added x5 Lv142-148 Supplement x5 Lv142-148 Faction x1

Each Faction uses a different combination of Added and Supplemental crafting materials for each slot:

Slot Base Vim Lupin Jadeon Skysong Modo, Balo, Arden, Rayan and Celan
Weapon Metal Metal/Thread Hide/Thread Silk/Gem Cloth/Gem Metal/Thread
Body Armor Silk Silk/Gem Cloth/Gem Metal/Thread Hide/Thread Silk/Gem
Helmet Cloth Hide/Thread Silk/Gem Cloth/Thread Metal/Gem Hide/Gem
Boots Hide Cloth/Gem Metal/Thread Hide/Gem Silk/Thread Cloth/Thread

Base Materials: All of these materials can be found from monsters in the proper level range. Level 15, 30 and 60 materials in this category are sold by the Shady Dealer in Sunstream City: 10 silver each for the 15 and 30 materials, 20 silver each for the level 60 materials.

Level Metal Silk Cloth Hide
15 Copper Block White Silk Coarse Cloth Rough Hide
30 Flame Copper Fragrant Silk Flax Cloth Fine Hide
60 Refined Iron Violet Silk Striped Cloth Soft Hide
90 Icy Iron Cloudale Silk Holestia Cloth Tough Hide
120 Mystic Silver Icyfairy Silk Flame Cloth Exquisite Hide

Supplemental Materials: All of these materials are sold by Craftsmen in all major cities. They can also (very rarely) drop from monsters in the proper level range.

Level Thread Gem
15 Rough Flax Thread Delica Jasper
30 Cotton Thread Agate Gem
45 Beaming Thread Garnet
60 Waterclean Thread Azuren Stone
75 Colora Thread Opal
90 Glossy Silk Thread Amethyst
105 Celeworm Thread Olivine
120 Lotus Flower Thread Jaspeen Stone
135 Intoxica Thread Fragra Jasper
142-148 Feather Thread Quartz Crystal

Faction Materials: These items drop from monsters in the proper level range. The level 15, 30 and 45 materials are sold by the Shady Dealer: 25 silver each for the level 15 and 30 materials, 40 silver each for the level 45 materials.

Level Vim Lupin Jadeon Skysong Modo Balo Arden Rayan Celan Incense Mage Forta Voida Psychea Kytos
15 Hauntgust Stone Brown Wood Clearspring Water Torriflaming Bead Eroding Bone Iron Sand Pheasant Feather Dragon Crystal Void Hail Deer Sleeve Vast Sea Water Pure Gold Wolfram Iron Ancient Block
30 Ghostweep Sand Purple Sandalwood Affection Flower Dew Counterevil Bead Bare Bone Iron Stone Deer Skin Tiger Crystal Empty Hail Shadowfern Burning Hill Oil South Sea Pearl Paulownia Wood
45 Carcadecay Rock Waterwave Willow Spirit Fox Saliva Calming Bead Wild Bone Iron Bead Boar Mane White Crystal Peace Hail Lost Again Leopard Jawbone Golden Drill Whiteguts Stone
60 Soulbreaker Stone Fireborn Wood Sharkale Tear Evilchopper Bead Suffering Bone Ironball Steel Wolf Fang Black Crystal Silent Hail Sapphire Bead Cunning Hare Blood Dragonfire JadeMaple Weed
75 Bloodbite Sand Gentla Seed Glacial Ice Demontaming Bead Abandoned Corpse Crystal Iron Yak Tail Green Crystal Holy Silk Dragon Musk Elderbeard Vine Bluegold Jade Sable Hair
90 Devilon Eye Phoenix Wood Celedragon Water Violet Statue Starved Body Meteorite Stone Rhino Horn Golden Crystal Moon Silk Wormroot Goathorn Peraipt Jade Glass Jade Dust
105 Bloodevil Eye Blackheart Lotus Glacispring Water Holy Bead Deathless Ghost Bloodvein Iron Bear Paw Luna Crystal Rain Silk Turtle Shell Cockatrice Feather Seablue Crystal Bright Scale
120 Soulbroke Sand Cloudslid Cedar Intoxica Nectar Goldenray Glaze Thousand Bone Ash Gold Gem Tiger Bone Dark Sand Flowery Silk  ????? Mammoth Tusk Bloodred Halcyon  ?????
135 Scardevon Jade Moonlit Vine Dragonlair Ice Snowjade Plate Immortal Bone Fascinal Stone Viper Scale Demon Sand Phoenix Feather  ?????  ?????  ????? ?????
142-148 Fecluster Bell Achiote Wood Jadepool Dew Beneprayer Bead Blood Orb Gold Iron Dragon Muscle Soul Sand Emerald Dust  ?????  ?????  ????? ?????

Faction Charm Recipes

With basic Faction Charms recipes can only be purchased from three NPCs. Dreamland Vendor (Sunstream), Dreamland Vendor Luer (Skysong, Baxi Eatery) and Hero Losken's Soul (reffer to each of the linked articles for more info). Each of them sells set of 11 different Recipes for each Faction.

There are also "advanced" Charms, crafted from 2 basic ones, enchancing 2 Tomes at once. Those can be aquired at Tao Danush.

Esper Medium Recipes

Esper Medium Recipes use Tome and Accessory for the specific esper, to craft a Bloodsmelting Medium for it. These recipes cover only Human Faction Espers (level 15 to 105) and most of Neutral Espers (level 45 to 75). Esper Medium for Athan Faction Espers, as well as all 135 Faction Espers and Neutral Espers level 105 and above cannot be crafted.

Bonus gained for Crafting Aptitudes

Crafting specific items gives points for special Crafting Aptitudes. These Aptitudes can be found in Skill window (R), Others / Life tab, below Capture Aptitudes.

When each of the Aptitudes listed in Life tab reaches maximum level, character will benefit from it.

  • Forge Mastery (Crafting Weapons) - At Rank 10, passively increases Skill Accuracy by 3.
  • Tailor Mastery (Crafting Body Armor) - At Rank 10, passively increases CritShield by 24%.
  • Hatcraft Mastery (Crafting Helmets) - At Rank 10, passively increases CritNull by 3%.
  • Bootcraft Mastery (Crafting Boots) - At Rank 10, passively increases Skill Evasion by 3.
  • Workshop Mastery (Crafting Pet Gear) - At Rank 10, passively increases Pet Damage by 20%.
  • Accessory Mastery (Crafting Accessory: Essence, Esper Media) - At Rank 10, passively increases all Resistances by 10.

Item level Proficiency required for Gears Proficiency required for Gems and Accessories
Level 1 5 10
Level 2 20
Level 3 60
Level 4 120
Level 5 240
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9 4800