Daily Divination

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After reaching level 30 a new quest will be available at Tanis Ka. The Daily Divination quest awards you with 1 Gamble Card every day.

Gamble Cards will be stored in Quest tab of your Bag and triggers the Divination quest, which after an hour wait gives you the result and a reward that you can pick up at Tanis Ka in Sunstream City.

You can tell which reward you will get from the quest dialogue.

Rewards for this quest - relevant quest dialogue:

  • 10 Taichi Pills ...a small gift that will advance your enlightment
  • 20 Taichi Pills ...a gift that will moderately advance your enlightment.
  • 50 Taichi Pills ...a generous gift that will significantly your enlightment.
  • 100 Merit Incense ...a small gift that will increase your prestige.
  • 200 Merit Incense ...a gift that will moderately increase your prestige.
  • 300 Merit Incense ...a generous gift that will significantly increase your prestige.
  • 50 Universal Coins ...the riches of the universe.
  • 50 Affinity Beads ...a small gift that will bring you closer to your true nature.
  • 100 Affinity Beads ...a small gift that will bring you moderately closer to your true nature.
  • 150 Affinity Beads ...a generous gift that will bring you significantly closer to your true nature.
  • 1 Arcane Bullion ...an arcane treasure.
  • 1 Dragon Muscle ...the strength of the dragon.

Note: This is the full list of prizes. There aren't any other amounts of Coins, Bullion or Muscles to be won.

Useful Tips


If you simply trash the quest, you'll lose it for the day. But you can try for a different reward by going to Tanis Ka and choosing "Quit" instead of "Confirm". He'll give you another Gamble Card - and the quest starts over.


If for some reason you can't stay an hour online for the day - you can still use your Gamble Card the following day.

Gamble Cards stack in Quest Bag. The first one will launch the Divination quest, and others will remain in your bag untill the hour wait is done. When the first Divination changes into "Result of Divination" another Card will be launched.

When you have both Divination and Result of Divination in your quest log the other Cards in your bag will not launch any more versions of the quest.