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The floating object here is a Trigram, the first Esper a human character will acquire in-game.
An Esper can first be obtained in Sunstream City from part of the Mandatory quest chain. For this quest you will need to kill 10 Mountain Boars. Be sure to do this quest before you leave Sunstream! To get this quest you have to first complete the Situation quest line, given by Tanis Ka.

After a short quest, players will receive their first Esper, the Trigram. However, players won’t be stuck with this one Esper; there are many others that can be obtained from quests, purchased from the Esper Mystic, or occasionally found inside mystery boxes such as the one sold by the Sky Dweller. Players should keep in mind that the more powerful the Esper, the more difficult it will be to obtain. In addition, certain Espers will only be available to certain factions. The Esper Pandora’s Box is limited only to the Vim, for example.

For a full list of all available Espers, see the List of Espers page.

Espers also add a separate dynamic to the game by making the Esper itself into a major part of your character. An Esper is equipped like a piece of gear, giving your character more stats. These stats can be increased by raising its level, which can be accomplished by using the skill unique to that Esper. Also, equipping an Esper allows the use of Skyblades, which allow your character to fly.

Below is more advanced information, give it a read through then move onto Pets

Invigorating with an Esper

This page is incomplete and needs the following:

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The main purpose of an Esper is to Invigorate, otherwise known as botting. This allows the time requirements of high levels to exist without the frustration of the grind itself. Your character will be able to grind on hundreds or thousands of monsters while you are away, gaining EXP and picking up items by itself, while using healing items when its health is low.

In order to start botting with an Esper, its Esper Energy (represented by a red bar on top of the main Esper bar) must be at least half full. Once your Esper Energy has reached the necessary level, the big red sword button on the left side of the main Esper bar will light up. You may then click on this button to begin Invigorating. Click the button again to stop Invigorating. Esper Energy will not be consumed by Invigorating until your character reaches Level 90. Past that level, you will need to use Esper Energy items.

The first two slots on the main Esper bar are for Esper skills only. Very few Espers will have more than one skill, so the second slot will usually be empty. The third slot contains Health potions that the Esper will use whenever the character's health drops below a certain level. Similarly, the fourth slot contains Spirit potions that will be used automatically. The fifth slot contains vigor potions and the last slot contains Esper Energy items (such as Lunarshade Stones).

The secondary Esper bar (which can be shown by clicking the little arrow button in the upper right of the main Esper bar) is where you can place items and skills to be used in regular intervals. The first three slots are for items, and the remaining slots are for skills. Skills placed further to the left on this bar will have higher priority.

Invigorate Details:

If you click the middle right button on the main Esper bar, it will open the Invigorate Details window. This window is used to set your options for potion use, item pickup, and the time between the use of skills.

The top part of the window determines the Health and Spirit levels that the Esper will use potions, and the time duration between them. For example, if the HP setting is at 50%, the Esper will automatically use the assigned Health potion when your Health drops below 50%. If the time is set to 2 seconds, then it will not use another potion for at least 2 seconds. The default settings will work fine for most of the monsters in the early stages of the game, but once you reach a higher level, it will be important to use trial and error to find the best settings for each group of enemies. You might want to set your Health threshold lower if you get better potions, to make sure you won't waste any of the potion due to reaching full Health with only a portion of it, or you might want to set the time between potions lower if the enemies are hitting you very hard.

Note: The time between potions can be set to zero seconds. This will cause the Esper to have no cooldown between potion use, in case you are fighting a very difficult enemy that hits so hard that even one second is too long to wait between potions.

The middle portion of this panel is used to determine what items the Esper will pick up. You can set it to pick up all items, no items, or you can specify certain items that you want it to only pick up or not pick up. Typing in only part of the name will work, so for example if you enter the word "Recipe" in the "Only pick up" section, then the game will only pick up items with the word "Recipe" in their name, leaving everything else on the ground. Clicking the gold circle "Quick Setting" button allows you to specify entire categories of items, including Provisions, Crafting Materials, Refinery Talismans and Imbue Talismans.

The bottom portion of the window contains the skill timers. The numbers next to each box determine how much time (in seconds) that the Esper will wait between uses of any skills or items placed on the secondary Esper bar. It is important to check the skills and determine the best amount of time to wait between each. For example, a skill that increases your Defense for 30 minutes should be set to 1800 seconds so that it doesn't waste Spirit refreshing itself.

If you would rather not use any skills at all, select the "Disable Skills" checkbox.

Once you are done changing your settings, select "Done" to save them.

Invigorate Settings:

If you click on the bottom button on the Main Esper bar, this will open the Invigorate Settings panel. This panel is used to set what monsters the Esper will target, and how far it will stray from its starting point.

The top part of this window allows you to select whether or not the Esper will attack common monsters, elite monsters, and bosses. For example, killing monsters in the the higher level zone can spawn special frog Prince monsters that drop a lot of loot, and you want to make sure your Esper is set to attack them.

Checking the "Attack quest monsters only" box will cause your Esper to only attack monsters that are needed for quests. Once you have completed the quest, the Esper will stop attacking.

Note: Regardless of any of these settings, your Esper will fight back against anything that attacks you. This includes other players, as determined by your PvP Settings.

The bottom section determines the Esper's range. The Esper will only target monsters nearby, but if Small, Medium, or Large range is selected, it will remain within a certain range of where it started Invigorating, and will run back to that point if it strays too far. Setting your Esper to Small or Medium when you plan to bot for a long period of time will prevent you from straying into another player's botting area, which would cause both of you to get less loot and EXP. On the other hand, if you would like to control your character freely while Invigorating, the Unlimited option will prevent the Esper from returning to its starting point.

The box next to the range selection allows you to filter out the monsters you don't want your Esper to attack.

TROUBLESHOOTING: If your esper suddenly stops attacking monsters except when they attack you first, check for the following:

  • Are these quest monsters? Try toggling the Attack quest monsters only box.
  • Are these elite monsters or higher? Try toggling the Attack common monsters and Attack elite monsters boxes.
  • Do you have a blank line in your mob filter list? Try clearing the list by clicking on the Clear All button (yellow circle with two red lines)

Other Functions

Upgrading Espers: Each time you cast an Esper's bonus skill (which is automatically placed in slot 1 or 2 of the main Esper bar), the Esper will gain 1 point of Proficiency. The purple bar on the bottom of the Esper represents its Proficiency. When this bar fills up, the Esper will gain a level, which will increase the stats the player gains from equipping it. Wyvern Blood and Tiamat Blood in the Marketplace can also increase your Esper's Proficiency.

An Esper's level is based on your own level. See the Upgrading Espers page for more information.

Esper Ascension: Once your esper is level 30, you can ascend it to increase its power.

Skyblades: The button on the right side of the main Esper bar is used to activate a Skyblade, if you have one equipped. Skyblades require level 45 to equip. Your Esper Energy must be completely full in order to start using a Skyblade, and you cannot be in combat or on a mount. Unlike Invigorate, Esper Energy will be consumed while flying on a Skyblade, regardless of your character's level. Skyblades have Proficiency just like Espers do, represented by the bottom bar of the main Esper bar. Proficiency increases slowly while you are using your Skyblade. As it reaches certain levels, its speed will increase and it will look slightly different. See the Skyblades page for more information.

Transform: The button to the left of the Invigorate button is used to Transform. Transform Gems can be purchased from the Transform Vendor in Sunstream and the Divine Realm. These items allow you to transform into a type of monster, which changes how you look and increases your stats slightly. Esper Energy will be consumed while you are transformed.

Esper Mystics have a variety of other functions that can be used with Espers and/or Skyblades:

Catalyze: Select this option to increase an Esper or Skyblade's Proficiency using an item such as Wyvern Blood (for an Esper) or a Zephyr Seal (for a Skyblade).

Bloodsmelting: Select this option to combine two Espers together into a more powerful version. A Bloodsmelting medium is required in order to combine two Espers. These can be obtained by trading Treasure Bowls or Spirit Dust with Tonni in Sunstream City, or by combining Esper Tomes and Accessories through Crafting with certain recipes.

Assimilate: Select this option to combine a variety of other items with your Esper, such as resetting its skills using a Tawen Gem.

Cleanse: Select this option to reset the owner of an Esper or Skyblade that you have acquired from another player. This action requires a Cleanse Stone found on the Marketplace.

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