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This system was added with the March 22 Spring Content Update.

The Fealty System is a daily rewards system that gives you bonuses for running instances, doing quests, and more. You'll earn points as you complete categories of tasks, and at 25, 50, 75 and 100 points, you'll get reward bundles with EXP and more.

All told, a full Fealty run gives 250 Taichi Pills, in addition to the normal rewards from each quest. Done right, this is a great way to quickly rack up EXP. Once you figure out your favorite quests, it'll go even faster.

You can access the Fealty window by clicking the gear icon to the bottom-right of your mini-map. This'll bring up the Recommended list of functions, including the Fealty system. In order to get the points from a category, you only have to complete one of the options listed, so you have flexibility to choose what you're interested in.


Daily Quests 1 (15 points):

Recommendation: Daily Divination is simple. Stay online for an hour, and you'll receive Affinity Beads, Merit Incense, or another prize. Higher-level characters should probably go for Corrupted Forges.

Treasure Hunt

Sky Dweller

Daily Divination

Yasho Seal

Corrupted Forges

Daily Quests 2 (15 points):

Recommendation: Treasure. This quest does cost 15G, but is cheaper than most of the other options, and with an Astrolabe for teleportation, it's very quick.

Alliance Career

Sky Lotus

Valuable Pills


The Donation

Daily Events (15 points):

Recommendation: Do all of them, except possibly Taichi Pills or Crisis, as the Wonderland Fair quests are all quick and give 60 Taichi Pills each. Getting Home is a platforming challenge, so if you mess up, you can be inconvenienced.

Golden Touch

Celestial Mount

Getting Home


Missing Yasho

Taichi Pills

Daily Instance (15 points):

Recommendation: Soul Tower if you're in a rush, as it's a solo instance and you get the Fealty points as soon as you enter -- you can exit immediately if you want. If you want more rewards, go for Crimson Peaks at least once a week, but it'll take 30-60 minutes.

Moontop Hollow

Soul Tower


Crimson Peaks

Dread Labyrinth

Shura Gauntlet

Elemental Temple

Godly Grotto I

Godly Grotto II

Daily Battleground (15 points)

Recommendation: You can only access one of these at a time, as they're all level-gated. The only exception is the Battle for Supremacy, which you can queue for at certain times.

Battle for Supremacy

Various Battlegrounds

System Functions (15 points)

Recommendation: Pet Training. Take Pet Tamer Totto's Free Lunch quest, which gets you a throwaway pet you'll raise and release for Pet Jades. You'll still get Fealty for taming it, though, so it's an easy 15 points.


Pet Training

Soulstone System



Item Use (20 points)

Recommendation: Use Tanis Ka's Charm or Use the Chi Sphere. You'll get good rewards from the mystery boxes.

Use Serenity Jade

Use the Chi Sphere

Use Tanis Ka's Charm

Use VIP Card

Use a Portal Charm

Game Play 1 (5 points)

Recommendation: Form a Party. If you ask nicely in Sunstream City, you should be able to find some people willing to help out.

Win a Duel

Vend and Sell

Form a Party


Game Play 2 (5 points)

Recommendation: Invigorate. Just hit V and you're done.


Fly a Skyblade


Rewards list:

25 Fealty points, Basic Fealty Pack:

30x Taichi Pills

Meditation Orb

Fair Ticket

Celestial Decree

50 Fealty points, Standard Fealty Pack:

50x Taichi Pills

Meditation Orb

Fair Ticket

Celestial Decree

Affinity Beads x100

75 Fealty points, Advanced Fealty Pack:

70x Taichi Pills

Meditation Orb

Fair Ticket

Celestial Decree

Affinity Beads x100

Chroma Beads x100

100 Fealty points, Ultimate Fealty Pack:

100x Taichi Pills

Meditation Orb

Fair Ticket

Celestial Decree

Affinity Beads x100

Chroma Beads x100

Soul Inverters x2