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Evolution is a way to change your pet's appearance to show off how strong it is to other people. Evolving does not increase your pet's stats in any way, it is done just for looks. See also Hyper-Evolve for a related system that does increase your pet's stats.

A pet must reach a certain GRADE (not level) before it can evolve. Highlight your pet's portrait and you will see all of his stats, one of those being Grade. Another way to view this is to unequip your pet, then mouseover him in your bag to see all the stats, Grade included.

  • A pet must be at least Grade 12 in order to evolve to its Stage 2 form.
  • A pet must be at least Grade 18 in order to evolve to its Stage 3 form.

Note: For more information about increasing your pet's Grade, see the Pet Training page.

After your pet reaches Grade 12, you can use a Blue Mushroom on it. Go to the Pet Master. Under the Pet Shop option, she sells Blue Mushrooms for 20 Gold. Then go to her Pet Training option, click on the Pet Soul option, use the Blue Mushroom, and it will change your pet's appearance!

After your pet reaches Grade 18, you can use a Colorful Mushroom to evolve the pet to its third form in the same way you evolved it to its second stage. This mushroom is sold by Pet Masters for 30 Gold.

Each of these forms has an alternate color scheme that you can swap to by Training your pet with a Gem Mushroom, which can be obtained from the Pet Master's Item Exchange for 2 Eera Herbs and 5 Red Mushrooms.

Tip: Just leveling up one stat growth will take you a long time to achieve Grade 12 (the first time you can evolve your pet's appearance). Upgrading all stat growths evenly is a faster way to increase your pet's Grade.