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In addition to your Esper, pets also accompany you on your adventures. Pets can help you by fighting, gathering, or crafting. Your pet will do its best to aid you on your journey. Pressing 'P' in game will open the Pet window.

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Once you are done with the Pet Introduction, you are welcome to move onto Faction Selection.


What Is A Pet?

The pet in Jade Dynasty is your NPC companion. They are funny little creatures that enjoy talking to you. They might make you laugh, and they might make you mad. Pets can also evolve, which changes their appearance.

How Do We Get A Pet?

Your first pet, a Woody Pig, is found inside the Treasure Chest at level 10.

When you reach level 35 you will automatically get a quest to talk to Pet Master Ellan in Sunstream City. Complete the quest and you will randomly get one of two pets, the Dryadling (plant) or the Woody Pig.

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Also, at level 45, Pet Tamer Totto has a quest called Free Lunch, which will give you either a Plump Toad or a Wild Wolf.

Additionally, at level 60, you can buy a net from a Pet Master, and go capture a pet using the Pet Capture system.

Don't forget! You have to tame a pet before you can use it!


What Are Pets Used For?

Pets can do any of the following:

  • Fight in combat alongside the player. Only one pet can fight alongside the player at a time.
  • Can give you added stats by Fusing or Esperating:
    • Fuse means your pet becomes attached to you. You take reduced damage, and your resistances are increased. Note: Your pet will unsummon itself when fused with a player.
    • Esperate will again unsummon your pet and boost the stats you obtain from the Esper you are wearing.
  • Can forage for materials needed for crafting pet gear and other items in the Pet Workshop.

Pets gain EXP as your character defeats monsters, as long as they are summoned in Combat status. It doesn't matter if they actually help fight, they will gain experience as long as they are standing near you.

Your pet's level is capped at 5 levels above yours, and will stop gaining EXP once it reaches that level. Once your character levels again, your pet will continue to gain EXP. An Ascended character's Pets have a maximum level of 150, regardless of what level they currently are.

Your pet has stats just like your character does: Health, Spirit, Min and Max Attack, Defense, Accuracy, Evasion, and the five types of resistances. To see your pet's stats, press P to open the Pet Roster and click on the "Stats" button. These stats increase with your pet's level and its Growth rates in those stats. Without being trained with jades, your pet's stats will be low, but it will still be of great help in combat.

For more information about raising pet stats, see the Pet Training page.

What is Pet Gear?

You can purchase armor for your pet that can increase its stats further. Visit a Pet Tamer to purchase basic gear (it's cheap) and stats are assigned to the gear at random.

To equip the gear, simply right-click the gear once it is in your bag. To view the gear currently equipped to your pet, press 'P' in-game to bring up the Pet Roster, then on the bottom left, click the "Pet Gear" button.

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More powerful Pet Gear can be crafted in the Pet Workshop using items found from Foraging.

How Do Pets Evolve?

This page is incomplete and needs the following:

updated info on pet jade

Read this advanced guide: Evolve

Pets can evolve when their Grade reaches a certain point. Grade is a representation of a Pet's overall Growth Rates. By training your pet with a variety of Pet Jades, you can increase its Growth Rates and with them its Grade.

A Pet can evolve to its second form at Grade 12, or to its third form at Grade 18. Once the Pet has reached the required Grade, it can be evolved by training it with a special mushroom purchased from Pet Tamer Totto.

Evolution does not make a pet stronger, it is only a visual change that represents your pet's higher stats to other players. If you prefer the way your pet looks in a lesser form, or if you don't care either way and would rather not spend the gold to evolve it, there are no downsides to keeping it in a lower form.

When your pet reaches Level 150+ and Grade 12+, it can Hyper-Evolve. This will make the pet stronger and provide other benefits.

Raising Pet Grade

When you reach level 45, Pet Tamer Totto will give you a quest called Free Lunch.

You will need to kill the following monsters around Sunstream City:

  • 10 Butterflies
  • 10 Wild Wolves
  • 10 Plump Toads

Once completed, you will go back to Pet Tamer Totto and end the quest, open your bag and you'll see you got a Wild Wolf or a Plump Toad. These pets do not have any Aptitudes, so they cannot Forage for materials. They also cannot be Trained, so they cannot evolve. If you get lucky with a good Star Sign, they may be worth holding on to for combat, but their main purpose is to be released in exchange for jade pieces.

Simply train your wolf or toad to level 30 and then bring them back to a Pet Master to release them. When a pet is released, you will get broken jade pieces as a reward. Train the Pet you want to improve with these broken jade pieces to increase your Pet's Growth Rates in various stats. As the Pet's Growth Rates improve, so will its Grade.

You can only use these broken jade pieces to reach Grade 8. At this point, you must either trade Celebeans to Pet Tamer Totto or Release higher-Grade Pets in order to obtain better Pet Jades that can increase a Pet's Growth Rates further.

You can see the Pet's current Grade by pressing "P" and hovering over the Pet's picture in the Pet Roster.

What Other Pets Are Available?

There are a wide variety of other pets available, purchased from NPCs, rewarded from quests, purchased from the Marketplace, or even captured from the wild.

For a full list of available pets, please visit the List of Pets page.

Can Pets Die?

Yes, but it isn't permanent. You can view your pet's Age by pressing "P" and hovering over the pet's picture. The current number is referred to as "Age" while the maximum number is referred to as "Life". If your pet's Age reaches its maximum Life span, the pet will die and cannot be summoned until its Age is reduced or its Life is increased.

A pet's Age increases by 1 point every five minutes, if they are in Combat or Foraging status. A pet's Age will not increase while it is in Rest status.

Pet Masters sell a variety of items to reduce a Pet's Age or increase its maximum Life. Some of them can be used by right-clicking on a summoned pet, but if your pet is too old and can no longer be summoned (as represented by the word "Lame" next to its name) then there are also items that can be Trained onto your pet instead.

NOTE: Age and Health are different. When a Pet's Health reaches zero, it will return to your Pet Roster and must be re-summoned. Its Health will be low after being defeated in this way, but if you have the necessary items, it's easy to simply heal your Pet back to full Health and keep using it.

Keep in mind that being defeated in combat will reduce a pet's maximum Life. Higher-level pets will lose more Life from being defeated.

How Do We Feed Our Pet?

Your pet will get hungry from time to time. You can easily see whether your pet is hungry or not by the little colored circle to the right of a summoned pet's Health bar. You can also see the numbers directly on your Pet Stats screen, on the bottom right under "Belly".

When your pet is full, it will do extra damage. When your pet is hungry, it will do less damage.

The Treasure Chest given to all new players contains enough Pearl Grapes to keep your pet fed for a long time, but if you ever do run out, you can buy more from the Pet Tamer. You might even find pet food while adventuring out in the world!

How Do We Make Pets Forage (gather)?

Once your pet reaches level 30 it gains the capability to gather materials for itself. This is known as "Foraging".

There are six different types of foraging:


To make your pet forage press "P" and click the top button that says "Combat". Now you will see a status window that shows what actions your pet can take and what this pet's current status is. There are some colored bars at the bottom of the window that display your pet's Aptitudes for easy reference.

Simply click on the type of Foraging you would like to perform. The pet will attempt to find an item every 15 minutes, and its rate of success is determined by its Aptitude. If an Aptitude is 0, the pet will not be able to gather the corresponding materials.

Each foraging attempt consumes 100 belly points. Foraging pets are not auto-fed, and they will be unable to forage if they run out of belly. Pay attention to their belly levels and make sure they have enough to keep foraging.

NOTE: Your pet must be stowed in order to forage. When you summon it the pet will go back into combat mode.

Pets of different levels gather different materials.

Grade 1 Materials LV30 - LV70
Grade 2 Materials LV71 - LV100
Grade 3 Materials LV101 - LV120
Grade 4 Materials LV121 - LV135
Grade 5 Materials LV136 - LV145
Grade 6 Materials LV146 - LV150

Other Functions

There are a few basic functions you should understand in order to properly obtain and use a pet.

Tame Pet: A pet must be tamed before it can be used, whether it is a brand new pet or it was acquired from another player. The Pet Masters can help you tame any pets you have acquired.

Train Pet: The Pet Masters also helps you train your pets. There are many different items to train your pet with, and each has a different function. You can change your pet's Specialty or Title, increase its attribute Growth rates, or teach it different skills.

Rename Pet: Take your tamed pet to the Pet Master and select this option to give your pet a new name, up to 8 characters long.

Auto Feeding: You can set your pet to auto-feed by pressing "P" and putting a pet Battery, like a Wongzo Grape, into the empty box on the bottom right of the pet window. When a summoned pet loses a certain amount of health, spirit, or belly, it will automatically use the battery. Click on the colored circle to the right of your summoned pet's Health bar in order to change the levels that will trigger auto-feeding. Only summoned pets will be fed automatically.

Pet Stats

Pet Grade: Pet Grade is a representation of its average Growth rate. A pet can start anywhere from Grade 1 to 4, depending on its stats when it is first tamed. Training a pet to increase its growth rates will also increase its Grade. When the pet reaches certain Grades, it will be able to Evolve.

Mood: This determines what you pet will say to you while it is summoned.

Type: Otherwise known as a pet's species, each pet type has a unique passive skill called a Pet Faculty. The pet's Type also determines which Foraging/Crafting Aptitudes it has. For example, a Woody Pig is a Beast type, so it has Aptitude in Woodwork and Hunting.

Star Sign: A pet can have one of 9 different Star Signs. These determine its maximum Growth rates, as well as which skills it can learn.

Growth: Determines how high your pet's attributes are. Each attribute has a different growth rate associated with it, and requires a different type of pet jade to increase. The chances of increasing growth decrease dramatically as the growth increases.

Pet Specialty: A pet's specialties increase the ranks of the skills they are associated with. In the three hexagons, a vertex is chosen as a pet's main specialty, with its adjacent vertexes as sub-specialties. The pet's main specialty is marked by a sun icon, while its sub specialties are marked by moon icons. Depending on the position of the main specialty, a pet will have 2 or 3 sub specialties.

Trait: A pet's Trait attribute has greater Growth than other attributes. This also determines what type of pet jade you will get from releasing that pet.

Pet Specialties

Main Article

Each pet is randomly given a specialty when it is tamed. This specialty increases the ranks of all affected Pet Skills. It is very important that your pet's specialty matches its skills. If you would like to change a pet's specialty, simply train it with a Specialty Potion.

Pet Trivia & Examples

Pet Quotes: Ever wondered what other pets might randomly say, or why they do? Well here is a list of them!

Player's Pets: Still not quite sure what to do? Then take a look at these pets from actual players!

Sometimes I have a hard time finding the full pet list so here it is for your convenience: List of Pets.

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