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Etherkin Skills

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Press the 'R' key in-game to open the Skills panel. The left side of this panel will display any skills of your faction that you have already learned. The right side of this panel will include the skills for your current tier, with a + symbol in the bottom right corner of any skills you are currently able to learn. Most skills require a certain level, as well as a certain number of ranks in the skill above them in the tree.

Each Skill costs 1 Skill Point to learn.

The "Skill Tree" subheader will allow you to view what skills can be learned by other factions, or by other Tiers in your own faction.

If you are below level 91, you can reset your skill and tome points for free. This feature has a 24 hour cooldown.

Skill Progression:

Once a human character selects their faction at level 15, they still need to spend at least 8 points in their Initiate skills before allocating points into Tier 1 skills. At least 24 points must be spent in Tier 1 in order to begin spending points in Tier 2. The remaining Tiers all require 24 points in order to move on to the next Tier.

Since Athan and Etherkin characters do not have an Initiate tier, they must spend 32 points in Tier 1 before they can spend points in Tier 2 skills. The remaining Tiers all require 24 points in order to move on to the next Tier.

Human Skills:

Athan Skills:

Etherkin Skills:

Total Skill Points at Milestone Levels

  • Level 15: 15 Skill Points
  • Level 45: 45 Skill Points
  • Level 90: 90 Skill Points
  • Level 120: 120 Skill Points
  • Level 135: 135 Skill Points
  • Level 150: 150 Skill Points

Upon ascending, you begin at level 15 and start with 25 Skill Points

  • Ascended Level 15: 25 Skill Points
  • Ascended Level 45: 55 Skill Points
  • Ascended Level 90: 100 Skill Points
  • Ascended Level 120: 130 Skill Points
  • Ascended Level 135: 145 Skill Points
  • Ascended Level 150: 175 Skill Points

(From Ascended Levels 135-150, you receive 2 Skill Points per Level)

Tome Skills: Skills are also altered by Tome Points to have different and/or stronger effects. Click the "Tome" button in the upper right of the Skills panel to view your Tome. See the Tome Skills page for more details.

Other Types of Skills

In addition to Faction skills, there are also the following other categories of skills:

Clan Skills: These skills are usable by all members of a Clan, and they give special bonuses to all Clan members in your party. If you are in a Clan, press the G key to open its interface and see the status of your Clan skills.

Ascension Skills: After Ascending and choosing a Faction, a character will have four special skills. The main effects of the skills are determined by their Faction after ascending, and the skill is altered based on what faction you were before. The alteration is shown in purple text on the Ascension skill's description. These skills cannot be changed or upgraded in any way. (To view these skills, click on the "Affinity" header and look at the top row of the separate window that pops up.)

Affinity Skills: After an Ascended character reaches Level 90, they can choose an Affinity, between Dagos, Felkin, and Fuwa. This allows them to spend their Affinity Points to learn and upgrade special Affinity Skills, which include both active and passive abilities, and some upgraded versions of their existing faction skills. (These skills are found under the "Affinity" header, with one subheader for each Affinity.)

Romance Skills: These skills can be learned and upgraded using Romance points, and are used to interact with the character that is married to yours. These skills are found under the "Social" header of the Skills panel.

Expertise Skills: These skills are learned and upgraded using Expertise points, which are gained from the Master and Apprentice system. These skills are found under the "Social" header of the Skills panel. (Click the "Expertise" subheader.)

Crafting and Pet Capture Skills: Found under the "Others" header. Crafting skills are passive abilities that allow you to gain bonus gemstones while crafting that can be traded in for items. See the Pet Capture page for more information on Pet Capture skills.