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There are various Talismans throughout Jade Dynasty that can be used to improve your gear.

Refinery Talismans

These Talismans improve the basic attributes of your gear and make it glow. Refining a weapon increases its Attack Power, refining body armor increases its Defense, refining a helmet gives additional Spirit, and refining boots gives additional Health. A piece of gear can be refined up to a maximum of +20, but even getting to +10 is an incredible feat.

If Refining fails, the gear will be destroyed, unless you are using a Serenity Jade to prevent it from being destroyed or sigils to guarantee a successful outcome.

Types of Refinery Talismans

You must use the correct Talisman that corresponds to your gear's quality:

Imbue Talismans

These talismans are used to imbue stats on to your gear. If imbuing fails, the gear will not be destroyed, but all imbued stats are removed. A piece of gear can only be imbued with one stat at a time, but you can remove any imbued talismans for a small fee.

Certain quests also require these Talismans, such as Celestial Mystery and the Crisis Event, so the lesser-used stats aren't completely worthless.

Basic Talismans:

Talisman Name Effect
Shield Talisman.JPG Shield Talisman Defense +1
Sharpness Talisman.JPG Sharpness Talisman Attack +2
Spirit Talisman.JPG Spirit Talisman Spirit +10
Lifeblood Talisman.JPG Lifeblood Talisman Health +10
Focus Talisman.JPG Focus Talisman Accuracy +1
Windflying Talisman.JPG Windflying Talisman Evasion +1
Steadfast Talisman.JPG Steadfast Talisman Stun RES +3
Vigilance Talisman.JPG Vigilance Talisman Sleep RES +3
Unfettered Talisman.JPG Unfettered Talisman Paralyze RES +3
Unwavering Talisman.JPG Unwavering Talisman Weaken RES +3
Tranquil Talisman.JPG Tranquil Talisman Silence RES +3

Upgraded Talismans:

Improved Talismans can be obtained from Battleground Vendors at the cost of 3 Celessence Beads + 100 Courage.
Guardian Saith also gives Great and Best Talismans in exchange for Universal Coins.

Great Talismans = 20 Universal Coins / Best Talismans = 100 Universal Coins.

Talisman Name Effect
File:ImprovedShieldTalisman.gif Improved Shield Talisman Defense +2
File:ImprovedSharpTalisman.gif Improved Sharp Talisman Attack +4
File:ImprovedSpiritTalisman.gif Improved Spirit Talisman Spirit +20
File:ImprovedLifebloodTalisman.gif Improved Lifeblood Talisman Health +20
Great Shield Talisman.JPG Great Shield Talisman Defense +4
Great Sharp Talisman.JPG Great Sharp Talisman Attack +8
Great Spirit Talisman.JPG Great Spirit Talisman Spirit +40
Great Lifeblood Talisman.JPG Great Lifeblood Talisman Health +40
Best Shield Talisman.jpg Best Shield Talisman Defense +8
Best Sharp Talisman.JPG Best Sharp Talisman Attack +16
Best Spirit Talisman.JPG Best Spirit Talisman Spirit +80
Best Lifeblood Talisman.JPG Best Lifeblood Talisman Health +80