Tree of Wealth

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Tree of Wealth

NPC Name: Tree of Wealth

Location: Sunstream - Sunstream City (138 116)

There is a note attached to the tree:

"Caution - Pesticide"
-Sunstream Epidemic Prevention Station-

The Tree of Wealth has a number of quests available. The most notable are the Soulorb of Beasts Trade and the Antiquity Tome Trade. Additionally, players who are offline for a certain amount of time can claim items from the Tree of Wealth.

Quest: Welcome Back to Jade Dynasty

Quest Info
Level 15+
Questgiver Automatic
Task Visit
Turn in Tree of Wealth
Rewards Colorgold VIP Card

15x Gourd

40x Meditation Orb

1 Velonus's Fury

1 Anan's Wish

1 Proof of Existence.

Followup ~

This quest is automatically granted to characters that are offline for a certain amount of time.

Quest-log text:

Retrieve your gift for returning to JD from the Tree of Wealth in Sunstream City.

Turn-in text:

Tree of Wealth: You go back to Sunstream City, where your adventure all started, with mixed feelings.... You've been away a long time
  • I will create a new legend.