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Esper Human1 Trigram Skill.jpg
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This Esper can be equipped by any Human character, and has no level requirement.

It is purchased from Esper Mystic Shera in Sunstream City for 10 silver. A free Trigram is given to all Human characters through the Young Adventurer story quest.

  • Tome: Trigram Essence. Reward in Sunstream part (levels 1-15) of JD Plot questline (after talking to Enchanter Taja).
  • Accessory: Jade of Lightning Blast. Drops from three Boss monsters in Sunstream (Vicious Bandit, Wartsworth, Zaaras Elder).
  • Medium: Uncut Jade. Sold by Esper Mystic Shera in Sunstream City for 50 silver. Alternately, this Medium can be crafted by those who have learned the appropriate recipe (requires level 1 crafting), using 1 Trigram Essence and 1 Jade of Lightning Blast.

Skill: Trigram Palm

Equipping the Tome and Accessory for this Esper will increase the Rank of Trigram Palm by 1 per item. It is also possible to increase the Rank of Trigram Palm by Assimilating it with a Tawen Gem.

The skill takes 2 seconds to cast, and has a 6.0 second base cooldown. Each additional rank decreases this cooldown by 0.3 seconds.

Rank Spirit Damage Growth Effects
1 12 1% AP + 3 +1% AP every 12 character levels
  • Target takes 10 damage over 2 seconds.
2 11 2% AP + 6 +1% AP every 11 character levels
  • Target takes 20 damage over 2 seconds.
3 10 3% AP + 9 +1% AP every 10 character levels
  • Target takes 30 damage over 2 seconds.
4 9 4% AP + 12 +1% AP every 9 character levels
  • Target takes 40 damage over 2 seconds.


Upgrading your Esper's Level can make it look different, often changing colors and/or adding new, flashier effects. The images below will show what the Esper will look like at different levels.

Esper Human1 Trigram Level1.jpg Esper Human1 Trigram Level2.jpg
Trigram Esper from level 1-9. Trigram Esper from level 10-19.

Esper Human1 Trigram Level3.jpg Esper Human1 Trigram Level4.jpg
Trigram Esper from level 20-29. Trigram Esper from level 30-35.